If you want to gain knowledge in IT, get a strong start and to become a specialist, who is needed by IT-company - then SCIA is just for you!

Educational and vocational program consists of the three practical lines:
-Information activity,
-Documentation processes management,
-Library and archive science.



Here you can achieve IT-education without strong knowledge in mathematics



Choose us and become a great specialist in IT 

Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

Information technology and databases

- Development of specialized sites
- Electronic document management (workflow)
- Technology of online libraries and archives
- Learning of database
- System analysis of information activities
- Fundamentals of e-government

                  Communications                    and PR

- Marketing of information products and services
- Social and communication technologies
- Business communication
- Information marketing and management
- Communicative strategies

         Information networks                 and forums

- Social communication on the INTERNET network
- Web design
- Administration of information networks