If you want to gain knowledge in IT, get a strong start and to become a specialist, who is needed by IT-company - then SCIA is just for you!


Ми вивчаємо

Educational and vocational program consists of the three practical lines:
-Information activity,
-Documentation processes management,
-Library and archive science.



Here you can achieve IT-education without strong knowledge in mathematics



Choose us and become a great specialist in IT 

Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

Information technology and databases

- Development of specialized sites
- Electronic document management (workflow)
- Technology of online libraries and archives
- Learning of database
- System analysis of information activities
- Fundamentals of e-government

                  Communications                    and PR

- Marketing of information products and services
- Social and communication technologies
- Business communication
- Information marketing and management
- Communicative strategies

         Information networks                 and forums

- Social communication on the INTERNET network
- Web design
- Administration of information networks





You will get many perspectives, when you choose us
  • Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

    In education you can:

    - continue the study in the magistracy and graduate school
    - gain experience during the international program
    - visit and participate in many interesting conferences
    - travel with your groupmates and visit events

  • Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

    After graduation you can work as:

    - Information analyst;
    - SMM specialist;
    - Administrator of electronic document management systems;
    - PR, HR, and content manager.
    - the civil servant;
    - Керівник бібліотеки чи архіву
    - Head of the library or archive
    - Administrator and moderator of web communities



Часті запитання

Student life

About us


I am very pleased to have been studying at the 'SKID' department, because here they give an opportunity to work in various areas of information, software and documentation. So join our friendly family, where you will be taught how to be a highly skilled specialist in your specialty

Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

Ruslana Pazderska

Bachelor of "Information, Library and Archival Affairs"

This is a place where everyone can meet a new friend, find a potential, gain a lot of skills and abilities. And the best thing is that here you can be always happy. Everybody would like to help you.

Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

Iryna Okonovska

student of 3rd year

SCIA is a space for creativity. Here you can not only learn, but also understand that students can do everything! Everyone feels the comfortable in our department. The atmosphere is adorable: pictures, photos and graffiti on the walls. Even in classes, we take part in competitions and exhibitions. It's so interesting to learn! And all this is SCIA

Інформаційна, бібліотечна та архівна справа

Natalia Kanyuka

Final-year student